Install and run Ubuntu on USB Drive

Today I have tried to install Ubuntu on USB Pen drive (Sandisk cruzer micro).

I have downloaded Ubuntu Remix version( For Netbooks)..
Though I am using normal notebook it doesnt make difference..

The file will be around 950 MB.

Step 1:
Once you donwload, follow these instructions:

My OS is Windows XP. When I have tried to copy the img into the USB using both Win32 disk imager, flashnul. I got the message saying:

"Device error, Unable to lock the device" or " The device is in Use"

I didn't have any app using the pendrive or any window that was opened, so I doubted it may be because of the autorun feature of windows;

First disable the autorun feature in Windows. For XP you can follow these steps:
Start -> Run
type gpedit.msc
(You get a wizard for "Group policy" settings.)
On the left panel go to:
Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Settings

On the right pane, click on "Turn off Autoplay" and set "Enable" for all drives.

Now, restart the system, and start from "Step 1" ie again try to copy the img to the pendrive using steps in

Once, done copying restart the system.

Make sure in BIOS the first boot device is set to USB. or select boot device during bootup process if allowed by your system.

If you are still unable to boot from USB, your USB needs a little fix:

Boot back to normal Windows,

download latest zip from:

and unzip files to USB drive:
In command prompt go to your USB drive and run the "Makeboot.bat" that has been copied.

If all goes well Now try to reboot your system using USB as your boot device and then viola you should see the "Welcome screen" of Ubuntu.

Now enjoy Ubuntu without any installations.

Hope that'z helpful.

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